Saving Water

Is Water Important?

If there is a water crisis in the world, then maybe it’s time we all start using the tools available to save water. Envirosink is the answer now and for the future!

Envirosink will help you conserve our most precious resource. When one considers the increasing scarcity of water and the cost of treating water to make it potable, Envirosink is a cost effective alternative to dumping clean water down the drain …only to be treated as sewage.

Envirosink allows you to conserve and recycle the ‘light’ gray water from your kitchen. Envirosink is the only system that allows catchment of water at the kitchen sink — to help fill your rain barrel in the dry season.

Without Envirosink, all water from your kitchen goes into the sewer system and becomes ‘black water’. Most treatment facilities are at capacity. It is expensive and a waste of resources to treat water as sewage before sending it back into the ecosystem. Wasted water overloads the sewer system and adds unnecessary volumes of effluent to municipal sewage treatment plants. This Envirosink benifits homeowners, municipalities and the environment – saving not only money, but the toll on delicate ecosystems as well.

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