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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Should I Use Envirosink?

This secondary sink saves and conserves water from most of your kitchen functions – starting in the morning to when you flush the pipes of overnight sediment to have your first drink, empty your tea pot or kettle, wash and rinse fruits and vegetables – just about everything you do at the kitchen sink. Anything to conserve clean wasted water .

2. Where Does the Water Go?

You either swing the tap over the secondary sink or use a bowl to capture the water and then pour it into the Envirosink. The water will then go to an approved gray water system, a storage tank, or a rain barrel. The tank can be suspended from the ceiling in the basement or crawl-space in colder climates. Build an enclosure or trellis to hide the tank or rain barrel.

3. Where Is the Water Used?

In your garden, where you hand-water, or in any area that you feel comfortable using "light gray water". A family of three wastes an average of 9.5 gallons of clean water per day while waiting to run hot or cold water. Saving the water from washing or rinsing fruits and vegetables could double your water savings.

4. What Do I Get?  

You get the Envirosink catch basin, an o-ring, tail piece, tail piece nut, four hazard labels, parts list, installation instructions for everything below counter level and a one year guarantee .

Envirosink is made of ABS plastic - the same material as many small kitchen appliances. It is easily removed for clean-up and is dishwasher safe.

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5. Where Do I Install Envirosink?

Check for the best location. You may want to replace an old set of taps or move the hand sprayer if you have one. Do plenty of homework in planning for the best and most convenient location. Sink areas and sink styles are different. Place the secondary sink as close as possible to your taps for ease of use.

6. Where Do I Purchase the Parts to Complete My Installation?

Take the illustration plans and parts list provided with Envirosink to a home center or plumbing fixture supply house. They will assist you in choosing all the required parts to connect to the outdoor storage tank. The approximate cost of these plumbing parts is $25.00. For a storage tank you can either use a recycled food barrel or you can purchase a rain barrel from either one of our retailers or a retailer of your choice.

Optional Additional Installations

7. Can I Connect It To My Toilet?

Yes. A small pump can deliver water anywhere. An independent water line can be attached from the storage tank to each user area. The in-line pump has a pressure switch, ie: when water flows into the toilet, the pressure switch starts the pump. When the tank is full, the switch stops the pump.
  8. Is It Expensive To Have A Pump System Installed For Toilets?

No. The price may vary from area to area and installation to installation. When one considers the scarcity of water, the cost of treatment of potable water or sewage etc… Envirosink will pay for itself in a very short time.

If you are receiving your water supply from a well and are on a septic system, a water management plan is even more important. Well levels are often low in the hotter seasons and septic fields are often overloaded during the wetter seasons.

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