How Much Water Do We Waste In A Day?

The average family of 3 wastes 18 gallons a day when rinsing fruit and vegetables, or when waiting for hot or cold water. What if you could save that water? What if everyone did?

Introducing Envirosink! This simple and affordable installation is your opportunity to help save a precious resource!

Envirosink is only in proximity to your kitchen sink, it is a totally independent system. You cannot perform a task over it, or in it, by design.

Envirosink is an environmentally helpful secondary sink that utilizes all standard plumbing fittings. It can be easily installed by the “do-it-yourself” handy person, at a reasonable cost. This attractive fixture can be installed in all new kitchen plans or retrofitted into all existing kitchens. It is easily removed for cleaning and is dishwasher safe.

A Personal Message From Envirosink Inventor & CEO Ib V. Andersen

“The reason for my passion for water is that without it we die, the world dies.

ENVIROSINKĀ® can help save money, power and some of the toll on the fragile ecosystem, which provides us with this precious resource.

I believe we do not respect water as our lifeline. We abuse it. We misuse it. We disregard it, and hope we can just buy some more. However, nothing can be further from the truth.
Please save water, and treat it right.

Thank you.
Ib V. Andersen”

US Patent # 5435022 – International PCT/CA 9500219 – Canadian Patent # 2,121,943

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